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overview online training

A high quality product starts with good preparation.

Below you will find the overview of our online instructions. From color management to optimized PDF until checked before printing. With this instructions you are able to produce perfect print ready files.


All instructions are based on the latest developments regarding the ISO 12647-2:2013 for sheetfed offset and ISO 12647-2: 2016 printing for prepress and contract proofing. The color profiles and color settings are the most current versions and ensure maximum quality.

The PDF standard is also completely new and according the international standard PDF/X-4. All things are clearly explained in the various instructional videos

Brief instruction

In this instructional video we briefly describe how to create a perfect PDF document for printing.
This complete instruction mainly explains what to do and how to doe best, but we have omitted all background information to give you the most relevant information as quickly as possible.

Color management

In this video instruction we will tell you about applying color management to print. This video contains 3 parts. In Part 1 we will download color profiles, part 2 is about installing in Adobe Photoshop, and in Part 3 we will tell you more about synchronization to the other Adobe applications within the Creative Cloud such as Indesign, Illustrator and Acrobat by Adobe Bridge.

Print ready PDF

In this video instruction, we’ll show you how a print ready PDF can be created directly from Adobe InDesign. First, downloading the desired Adobe presets will be discussed. In the second part, exporting is shown to print ready PDF, and in the last part, the PDF is evaluated in Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Preflight with Adobe Acrobat

In this video instruction we will show you how easy it is to check a PDF document using – a part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud solution – the Adobe Acrobat application. Now, we can verify that the document meets the requirements required to get a predictable publication in print.

We start downloading and installing the preflight profiles, followed by performing a preflight with a properly made file. And finally, we see how to optimize a wrong file with a preflight, a PDF that is not suitable for a printable file.

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